My name is Danielle Jo, founder and creative force behind GhostLine Designs; a jewelry line created to bring out the warrior in you.  My love of fashion has been with me since childhood and I was really fortunate to spend more than twenty years working in the world of luxury fashion in management on both the store and corporate side. 2011 started a streak of car accidents that have had a traumatizing impact on my life; l was physically damaged. Emotionally, I was a ghost of my former self. I felt weak, unsafe, and left w/out an ounce of confidence. Then jewelry found me. I was at a point in my life when I’d lost all hope. I discovered that jewelry was my armor. I learned to channel all the emotions I had been holding onto into each piece I created with the intention of helping and empowering others.  With strength being the driving force behind my work, I find inspiration for my one-of-a-kind designs in places such as: bold architecture, forces of nature, and weapons from ancient civilizations.  I was born and raised in NYC and now reside in Los Angeles with my husband and two pitbulls.